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 5th Curta Suzano




  1. Curta Suzano – Alto Tietê International Short Film Festival (henceforth called Curta Suzano in this document), is organized by the collective Curta Suzano. All information concerning the Festival and the Collective are available on the virtual address



  1. The fifth edition of Curta Suzano will be held from November 03rd to 26th, 2021, with online schedule which will be released in due time. All sessions and events referring to  Curta Suzano are free and in this year, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it will be exclusively online.



  1. Curta Suzano aims the democratization and diffusion of Alto Tietê audiovisual production, with cultural and competitive purposes, as well as, the diffusion of Brazilian and international productions, besides discussing the market, the means and strategy of audiovisual production and the formation of audience for the Brazilian cinema.

  2. The schedule of the 5th Curta Suzano holds debates, workshops, seminars and exhibition of short films.



  1. Curta Suzano is a unique and exclusive audiovisual exhibit, divided in panoramas:

1.1) Alto Tietê Panorama (Competitive Exhibit)

1.1.1) Short films of all genres with maximum of 25 (twenty-five) minutes, including credits, produced by filmmakers who are residents of the Alto Tietê cities. The approval will be given by sending the PDF or JPEG image of an official mail (water, power or telephone bill; bank mail, credit card company, etc), in the proponent’s name. Curta Suzano considers cities of the Alto Tietê area, those whose participants are from the Alto Tietê Cities Development Consortium – Condemat (Arujá, Biritiba Mirim, Ferraz de Vansconcelos, Guararema, Guarulhos,  Itaquaquecetuba, Mogi das Cruzes, Poá, Salesópolis, Santa Isabel and Suzano)

1.2. Brazil Panorama (Competitive Exhibit)

1.2.1) Films with maximum of 25 (twenty-five) minutes, of all genres, produced and performed by Brazilian producers and/or registered in national territory.

1.3) World Panorama (Non-Competitive Exhibit) 

1.3.1) Films with maximum of 25 (twenty-five) minutes, of all genres, produced and performed in all countries, except Brazil.



  1.  The registration period is from Abril 20 until 11:59pm to June 30, 2021 (Brasília time zone), for film produced from 2019 to 2021.

  2.  Registrations of not concluded films will not be accepted, as well as, advertising or institutional films.

  3.  Registrations are free and must be done online with the form completion and the sending of the link where the film is hosted (Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo, etc), 02 (two) photos of the film and 01 (one) of the director for email.

  4.  Films are considered to be produced in AltoTietê when:

4.1) the director and/or producer (mentioned in the closing credits of the film) resides in one of the cities of AltoTietê;

4.2) they are registered in Ancine that reveals explicitly to be an audiovisual production from one of the Alto Tietê cities;

4.3) referring to the item 4.1, it will be asked to the proponent person a picture of the proof of address in PDF or JPEG file.

  5.  In case of foreign films or in a language besides Portuguese, it will the producers responsibility to send a copy with subtitles in Portuguese.

  6.  Films which were signed by Ateliê de Imagens Production (co-producer of the event), Lente Periféricas collective (co- producers of event previous editions), British Academy, Ateliê de Imagens, Cape Press and Planeta Perfume’s  producers or directors’ family members will not be accepted, because they are the event supporters, as well as, of the Organizer Committee and the Official Jury. Registrations of films that were selected and/or awarded in the previous editions of Curta Suzano will also not be accepted.


Single Paragraph: Films that defense racism and other kind of prejudice, use of drugs, violence and many kinds of social phobias that hurt the human dignity, will be unplaced by the committee responsible for the selection of the films of the Festival.



  1.  Only selected films will be presented in Curta Suzano participant spaces.

  2. The producers of the selected  films will be able to, on their own criteria, send copies in high definition using files transfer online service, such as WeTransfer, or similar, which will be sent to the judging commission and/or present to the audience during the Show. 

  3. The list of the selected films will be released until August 15th, 2021 in the site



  1. The productions of the Alto Tietê Competitive Exhibit, which will be chosen by Official Jury, will receive the CURTA SUZANO Award. The prize will be given to the following categories:

- Best Film

- Best Script

- Best Direction

- Best Editing

- Best Photography

- Best Sound

- Best Performance (independent of genre)

- Best Supporting Performance (independent of genre)

- Best Film – Public Choice


  2. The Brazil Panorama Competitive Show productions, chosen by Official Jury, will receive the CURTA SUZANO PRIZE.  The prize will be given in the following categories:

- Best Film

- Best script

- Best Direction

- Best Editing

- Best Picture

- Best sound

- Best Main Acting (independent of genre)

- Best Support Actor Acting (independent of genre)

- Best Film – Viewers’ Choice


  3.  The awards will the announced in Curta Suzano closing ceremony on November 27th, 2021.

  4.  It is the Official Jury right not to give the awards, in case the films do not fit in the evaluation criteria, as well as, give HONORABLE MENTIONS, since in accordance with the Organizer Committee.

  5.  In this year, due to the social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Student Panorama will not take place. These films were produced by students of public and private schools of Alto Tietê.

  6. The Official Jury decisions are final and binding. In case of absence of a member of the Official Jury, the Organized Committee will indicate the respective substitutes with same competence.



  The material sent to the selection will not be given back and will become part of the Curta Suzano archive, being available to future use, strictly for cultural purpose and without commercial objectives, in Curta Suzano projects, without the authors and owners’ previous authorization. 



  1. Still images and parts with up to 03 minutes of the selected works can be used by the Festival strictly to promote the event and its schedule in any means of communication.



  1. The person responsible for the registration declares, upon submission, that the work holds all suitable rights, granting its exhibition in Curta Suzano, and that all elements or any kind of work used in the submitted film, including sound track and archive images do not violate any of the third party’s rights of image or intellectual property use. The responsible for the registration agrees taking exclusive legal responsibility for any complaint, lawsuit or litigation, directly or indirectly, due to the exhibition or use of the work. The participation of Curta Suzano imply in the recognition without reserves of its regulation.

  2. According to the ordinance368/2014 of the Justice Ministry, films exhibited in shows and festivals must practice self-classification according to the Practical Guide of Indicative Classification sparing process submission in the Ministry and being the Festival organization responsible for following this amend, been able to change the classification according to the Festival convenience.

  3. Any technical fault realized in the site during the film registration must be communicated to the Organized Committee, in order to the necessary demands be taken. We emphasize, however, that Curta Suzano will not be responsible for technical fault that will not permit the registration on the last day of the festival.

  4. The Organized Committee of Curta Suzano will have the last word in the solution of unexpected and standoff during the process of the Festival realization.


April 20th, 2021

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